waiting room

If someone wants to make me go crazy, they should try saying : wait . the point is i CAN’T wait! i hate waiting. some times it cant be helped but when it comes to “waiting rooms”, The room that is MEANT for the action : waiting, it is so frustrating that i cant even sit in a normal way. When i had doodle jump on my ipod, i hit my best records in waiting rooms and that’s just sad. now even playing games is useless. i guess reading my own books might work, but the environment makes me sick. i wish they bring an indoor decorator who actually knows sth about colors! don’t even get me started on those irritating secretaries! one of the things that encourages me to not to get sick is thinking of this places. And know i have two dentist appointments this week, and they’re gonna pull out my wisdom teeth, which are 4 big teeth because there is no enough space for them. good for me -_-