funny-silly part wins!

There is a funny-silly part of me, that wants to have a blog in English. So after chatting and negotiation with that side of me, i decided to “recreate” an English blog. you should have noticed by now that obviously my first language is not English. but that’s not important. to be honest one of my reasons for having an English blog is to practice my writing and grammar skills. so if you noticed any mistakes you can tell me and i will correct them and of course i’ll be thankful.

anyway i’m a 17 years-old girl. (actually 20 days ago was my sweet 16 -yay-…it sucked) The new semester starts in less than a month and i’ll be a senior. and its nothing like american senior-year type in Hollywood teenage movies with proms and everything. It’s actually the opposite. as a result it wont be a  “fun” year, but who knows? maybe it’d suck less than my predictions.

I’d love to find new friends. especially  international ones. I don’t know if any one find this blog very soon, but if you comment and share your ideas i will cry happy tears! but still my expectations are not so high.