me VS change

One of the things that i have problems with, since i remember, is “changing”. I still have my elementary school’s books and notebooks and also books from my junior-high. I mean its sort of an Obsession and i am not happy with that! It`s like if i throw them away i’m throwing away a piece of my past and my life and i get scared.

we are moving out in a few weeks and i should reconsider some of my junk stuff such as the books i keep in the closet or in boxes with 10 cm dust above them. so today i separated some of them that i’m sure they’re not useful nor beautiful to keep. I tried to be strict and fight with the obsession of mine and it was a good start! It does feel good to just keep things in your room that you actually need!

I WISH we move out as soon as possible. my room is like a junk yard i hardly can even sleep in it! so me and my laptop moved to the sofa in the meantime!