Dear diary

I think i should start my posts with “Dear Diary..” in this blog. because i write them and then i’m the only one who comes back and read them. 

so lets start over,

dear diary,

here i am at the beginning of the new year, but the last year that i’m considered a school student. You know what’s ironic? that the first time i wrote here, a new school year was ahead of me either, and i didn’t write here for months and yet here i am.  I don’t quite know the reason why..why here..Ok lets pass that taught or as once Ross said to his ex-lesbian wife,, “let’s put a pin on that”. 

the end of this year can be The start of my dreams turning into reality, so i’m nervous and enthusiastic at the same time. 

so i’m gonna finish this post with a shaky “Yaay”.